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meet the gani

Hello, my name is Binah, which means “understanding.” I understand that big things can come in small packages. What good things can come from something small? What can we do together to make a big difference for others?

Hello, my name is Lev, which means “heart.” I am the brave adventurer of the Gani. What guides me on my adventures? What can I do to help someone feel brave? What new adventures can we embark upon together?

origin of the gani

A smile from above created a mystical garden in the middle of the desert. What looks like a sea of green trees, vivid purple, red and yellow flowers and a crystal clear pond is where the Gani are born.

Every year it rains for 36 hours straight and the Gani tree grows three times its size. Pomegranates the size of bowling balls grow on the tree. After 18 hours of sun from above each pomegranate falls onto the pillowy ground and the Gani emerge into their new home.

Their secret garden is the most beautiful, peaceful place in the world. The Gani could stay in their perfect utopia…but they don’t. They are drawn to leave their garden to go out and make the world a better place.

Their unique superpowers are shown on their bellies and their special tools of change go in their backpacks.  Which Gani is your favorite?