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Do you remember your connection to it?

Do you remember the hours of playing with it?

Do you remember the adventures you took together?

Do you ever feel good about buying toys?

Toys often perpectuate gender and cultural stereotypes and promote violence. Think Barbie and her impossible physical measurements, Bratz dolls or every gun carrying action figure. 

Play contributes directly to children’s development. But it’s toys that stimulate imagination and prolong play. If children are to discover what they are good at, what they like, and who they are then they will need toys that are gender neutral and inspire kindness, exploration and deep thinking about the world around them.

These are cool and modern “values based” toys. 

The “Hamsa” shaped head of the Gani is inspired by the symbolic hand shape you often see in artwork or on t-shirts. The hamsa has roots in Islam, Judaism and Chhristianity. It is a symblo for multicultural peace!


meet the team


Hi!  I’m Elana, mom of Fiona Joy and Evan. 

Fiona Joy is a young entrepreneur and social media star. You can see more about her on under Fiona Joy!

Fiona and Evan came up with the idea for Yom Tov Toys because they wanted a toy that really made kids think. Whenever Elana would ask Evan what different things mean or what the description of the toys values should be, Evan would say, “let the kids decide!”

Jessi Sheslow

Hello! I’m Jessi, Ziva’s mom!

Simon "mudmonkey"

Simon is the amazing sculptor who brought our Gani from concept to clay. He is a father, sculptor, toy collector and avid board game enthusiast. After earning his BFA (in General Sculptural Studies) from Maryland Institute College of Art, Simon was awarded a residency at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in Houston, TX. His passion for sculpture and working with children naturally led to designing toys, and his involvement in projects like Yom Tov Toys. Simon currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he owns and operates Make Time, a community Maker Space that focuses on inspiring youth to use tools and technology to learn, create and innovate.