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What are toys based on today?

We never felt good when buying our kids toys. Girls are marketed figurines with an unattainable physique, a high school full of monsters, or dolls that are actually called brats.  The boys also get toys with unattainable physiques but at least their toy’s pursuits are typically seen as more noble like crime fighting. The superheros still carry weapons and fight.  We were spending a lot of money on toys that were promoting things that didn’t make us feel good.

What are “Jewish” values?

Everyone’s interpretation of religious rituals differ but the roots of Judaism (and many other religions) are based on universal, humanistic values. Some of these values that you will see in the Gani line of toys are:

  • Kavod – Respect for people, G-d, the environment and community
  • Tikkun Olam – Healing the world
  • Klal Israel – Jewish solidarity
  • Kehillah – Building a supportive social environment
  • Chesed – Kindness toward others
  • Chinuch – Education & Knowledge
  • Ometz Lev – Courage
  • Tzedakah – Charity
  • Shalom – Peace
  • Rahamanut – Compassion
  • Binah – Understanding

Why toys?

Toys stimulate imagination and prolong play. At their best, toys help us discover who we are and how we fit in the world around us. What could be more natural for our children than to incorporate Jewish identity and values into this discovery? That question started the journey to this Kickstarter and the public launch of Yom Tov Toys™.

Meet the Gani

Artist and toy designer, Simon “Mudmonkey” Boses, created our first collection of toys called Gani. Gan is the Hebrew word for garden, and the Gani live in a secret garden in the middle of the desert. Their secret garden is the most beautiful, peaceful place in the world.

The Gani could stay in the comfort of their hidden utopia…but they don’t. They are drawn to go out and make the world a better place. Their unique superpowers are symbolically illustrated on their bellies and their special “tools of change” go in their backpacks. Today there are two Gani. Which is your favorite?


Binah is a Hebrew word meaning “understanding”. Binah knows that big things can come in small packages. Binah asks, “what good things can come from something small? What can we do together to make a big difference for others?”

  • Binah – value of understanding


Lev is a Hebrew word meaning “heart”. Lev is a brave adventurer. Lev knows that you have to meet new people and try new things even when it’s hard. Lev asks, “what can we do to help someone feel brave? What new adventures can we embark upon together?”

  • The value of Ometz Lev – To be courageous

What’s next?

We are so excited to finally send the Gani out into the world.  But to make this a reality we need your support!  Be among the first to purchase our Gani and help us spread the word about how much you love them.  If you don’t have the means to support us financially, please share, share, share!  Let your friends know what we are doing and encourage them to get to know the Gani, too.  We know that there are other parents like us (and grandparents, other relatives, and friends) who will find value in these toys, but we can’t do this without your support.  Help us make Yom Tov Toys a reality today!